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Holistic treatments can be used to treat any animal

Holistic vet services regularly work with Horses, Donkeys, Sheep, Goats, Alpacca, Cattle, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Chooks. Though I less commonly see birds, rodents and exotics, I will try to help any species.

Blessie, a 4 year old Arab gelding had recurring issues with colic due to constipation. His colic was successfully resolved with conventional treatment, but tended to recur.

The colic seemed to resolve when moved to a specific different paddock, but he could not stay there indefinitely. The paddock had the same pasture as the other paddocks, so nutritional causes were ruled out. We noticed that he passed his droppings only in one specific area in that paddock- an area where he was hidden from the other horses.

It turned out that Blessie was just too shy to pass his stool in front of other horses. When given a “private” area in whatever paddock he was in, he would do his business there and did not have any more recurring bouts of colic.

Sooty is a black 9 year old domestic shorthair cat. She used to be outgoing and friendly and demanded her food every morning, but after her friend died, her character changed.

Sooty kept hiding in dark areas in the house, ignoring any effort of comforting and was refusing food – sometimes for a few days, eating only the bare minimum to stay alive. She also started drinking large amounts of water. Her clinical exam showed no abnormalities and her blood and urine tests showed that her organs were all in good working order. She been given conventional antidepressant medication, but it did not help her.

We prescribed Sooty a high potency of a homeopathic remedy that matched her symptoms. Within a few days Sooty was back to her old self, stopped hiding and started waking her owner again demanding breakfast.

Millie is a 6 year old Staffordshire Bullterrier cross. She started limping in her left hind limb. The limp became progressively worse and she was diagnosed with a cranial cruciate ligament rupture by her Vet who recommended radiographs and surgery. As this was not an option for Millie’s owners, they opted for conservative treatment of painkillers and joint support, which helps many animals. Unfortunately Millie was not one of them.

When we first saw Millie she was not putting her leg down at all, but hopping on 3 legs. We also recommended surgery due to the severity of symptoms, but her owner decided to first see if acupuncture would help Millie.

After just 2 sessions Millie started using her leg again and became much happier in herself, going for a walk down the driveway again. She will need a few more sessions to help with muscle spasms until the ligament has repaired itself.

Precious is a scarlet Macaw who started feather picking after being chased by the newly adopted puppy. She continued pulling out her feathers even when the puppy was not present.

After ruling out parasitic, nutritional and organ disease, she received a homeopathic remedy which matched the symptoms she was showing. Her stress levels subsided and the feathers started growing back. Once she was in a better state of mind the puppy was slowly reintroduced to her and she was given treats and positive affirmations while it was there.

Although they never became best of mates, Precious learned to tolerate the puppy’s presence without showing any signs of stress.