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Holistic Vet Services provides treatments to complement regular veterinary care

Hi, my name is Ingrid.

From a very young age I wanted to be a Vet and was fortunate to be able to fulfill my dream, graduating from Vet School in Onderstepoort, South Africa in 1998.

The patients in my care taught me that conventional medicine has some limitations, and to look further afield in order to help them. This lead to me to other healing modalities like homeopathy (became VetMFHom), acupuncture (licensed practitioner) and herbal medicines.

I wish to add a holistic touch to Auckland’s Animal Care Centres through Holistic Vet Services.

Holistic Vet Services offers a range of animal treatments, proving affordable, compassionate and comprehensive holistic care for your pets.

What I do

I believe all sentient animals have a body, mind, spirit, and soul and are influenced by their environment. Disease occurs when there an imbalance in any of these parts and healing involves restoring the balance.

So I look at the patient, the disease process and environmental factors to find the underlying cause of the disease and address it.